Commerce provides a range of features to help you start selling on your site as fast as possible.

For upcoming features please consult our Roadmap.


Commerce has an Admin Interface to manage your Settings and Orders.


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Configurable Drop-In UI

The default User Interface is configurable to match your site theme.

UI 1

Using the Admin Settings you can easily adjust the theme color & position without writing any code.

Admin - Settings - Embed 1

Mobile Friendly

The default User Interface provides a customer friendly experience on mobile phones.

UI 2

User Authentication

Commerce offers several ways for your customers to register and login to a persistent account.

At present the authentication providers that we support are:

  • Email
  • Google
  • Facebook

These providers can be enabled/disabled within the Admin Settings.

Both the JS API and default User Interface respect the enabled providers.

If no providers are enabled then Commmerce will run in an 'anonymous only' mode.

When running in the 'anonymous only' mode all login/register functionality is hidden.

Realtime Sync

Commerce provides a realtime shopping experience where changes made to your cart are automatically synced to other open instances.

This means that if a customer has your site open in multiple tabs, or is logged in on multiple devices, the cart will reflect accurately across tabs/windows/devices without the need to 'refresh'.



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Shipping Countries

We provide the ability to configure which countries you ship to, as well as prioritising the listing of the countries that you more commonly sell to.

Admin - Settings - Shipping Countries 1

Shipping Quotes

Shipping options and estimates are available from these major carriers:

  • Australia Post
  • Canada Post
  • FedEx
  • Transdirect: FastWay, Courier's Please
  • USPS
  • UPS

Admin - Settings - Shipping Providers 1


A configurable order receipt is auto-generated and sent for every verified order.

You're able to set the theme color, company logo, company address and additional order notes.

The receipt is responsive for easy mobile viewing, and prints in minimal black and white to save ink.

Receipts 1

Receipts 2


We provide an integration with X for the automatic determination of taxes, as well as the ability to configure taxes on a per-country basis.


TODO: Make some claims about tax support here


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