# Admin

The Admin is where you configure and manage Commerce for your business.

It's mobile friendly and has been designed to be minimal and easy to follow.

To access the admin visit admin.static.tools

# Overview


The Overview section displays a set of reports that give you an "at a glance" understanding of how your sales are performing.

Admin - Overview 1

By using the filters you can adjust the date range on the reports to inspect a particular period of time.

Admin - Overview 2

# Orders


The Orders section lists the paid orders that have been made to your account.

The list is updated in real time with new orders appearing at the top of the list.

Admin - Orders List

Selecting an individual order displays all the relevant order details and provides access to the invoice.

Admin - Orders Detail

# Products


The Products section lists the products that are currently indexed by Commerce.

Admin - Products List


You can adjust the source of the product import by visiting the Inventory Settings.

Selecting an individual product displays all of the product details.

Admin - Products Detail

# Customers


The Customers section lists the people that have purchased products from your store.

Admin - Customers List

Selecting an individual customer displays their details and a list of their previous orders.

Admin - Customers Detail

# Settings

The Settings section allows you to adjust the configuration for your Commerce account.

# Cart


The Cart Settings provide general configuration options for the cart, including the authentication providers, input restrictions and custom messaging.

Admin - Settings - Cart 1

# Embed


The Embed Settings let you customise the Commerce user interface, quickly adjusting the theme color and position.

Admin - Settings - Embed 1

# Invoices


The Invoice Settings let you customise the automatically generated invoice theme and business branding.

Admin - Settings - Invoices 1

# Inventory


Admin - Settings - Inventory 1

# Payments


Admin - Settings - Payments 1

# Shipping


Admin - Settings - Shipping 1

# Taxes


Admin - Settings - Taxes 1

# User

The User section allows you to manage your overall account, including billing settings.

You must add credit card details before you're able to put Commerce into live mode.

# Profile


The Profile section allows you to adjust the basic details of your user account.

Admin - User - Profile 1

# Change Email


The Change Email section allows you to change the email address for your user account.

Admin - User - Change Email 1

# Change Password


The Change Password section allows you to change the password for your user account.

Admin - User - Change Password 1

# Billing


The Billing section allows you to add or update the billing details for your account.

Admin - User - Billing 1

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